Chapel Hill Termite Control

When it comes to protecting your Chapel Hill home from pests, Chapel Hill Pest Company has you covered. Whether you only need termite defense or you're looking for a more comprehensive option, we have the solution. Start protecting your home today with Healthy Home Plus™ or Termite Home Defense™.

Termite Home Defense™

Chapel Hill Pest Control’s Termite Home Defense™ program eliminates and prevents termite infestations before they can cause damage to your home. Our technicians treat all areas where the structure of your home meets the soil foundation. By establishing a barrier that is specific to termite prevention, we can ensure your family and pets are safe from both chemicals and wood-hungry Chapel Hill termites. 

Healthy Home Plus™  

Our Healthy Home Plus™ service bundles our family-safe, environmentally friendly household pest control with our highly effective termite treatment, fully protecting your home from the outside in. Relax knowing your family is safe from any and all potential pest damages.

Effective Chapel Hill Termite Protection

  • Products like our non-repellent termiticides take advantage of termites' hierarchical tendancies, preventing and eliminating entire colonies with one treatment.
  • Our reduced risk termiticide treatments protect your home, without harming your loved ones.
  • We use a chemical calculation sheet that takes into account square footage, location, and weathering to be certain we are using the correct treatment for your home.
  • Our technicians are all Quality Pro Certified, the highest certification in the industry, and are happy to serve you and your Chapel Hill family with a free inspection or treatment program. 
Read more about how we protect your home with eco-friendly Chapel Hill termite control. 

Healthy Home Premiere™

Healthy Home Premiere™  combines our reliable pest and termite control from Healthy Home Plus™ with our eco-friendly SafeLawn mosquito control. By receiving all three Chapel Hill pest control services at once, you will be completely protecting your family from head to toe all while saving time and money. Schedule a free inspection today or learn more about Healthy Home Premiere™. 

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