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Bug Problems in Your Chapel Hill Home?

Chapel Hill Healthy Home
Healthy Home™ protects you and your family from stubborn pests

Our Healthy Home™ pest control program eliminates pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, earwigs, silverfish, rodents, spiders and more. We use an integrated pest management approach to ensure your home is fully protected. This involves both treatment and prevention.

Healthy Home™ provides:

  • Convenience -- Exterior treatments to your home mean you don’t even need to be home when we perform our same-day pest control service.
  • Green Products -- “Reduced risk” products are the best selection for pest control safety. All of our treatments are less toxic than table salt, but still completely effective.
  • Targeted treatment – We target our treatment toward insect entry and exit points for the best effectiveness and safety.
  • Comprehensive approach - We are happy to let you know what areas in and around might be attractive to pests. This includes looking out for crevices that should be caulked, spider web removal, and identifying areas that are prone to moisture.
  • Prevention – Not only do we eliminate pests present at the time of service, but we incorporate pest prevention practices to virtually eliminate future pest problems.
  • Guaranteed Service – We stand behind all of our services with  a satisfaction guarantee. 

Healthy Home Plus

Healthy Home Plus™ adds termite control to the pest control service you already love!

Chapel Hill Pest Control’s Healthy Home Plus™, is a preventive service that eliminates both common household pests AND termites. This service puts a halt to pest and termite problems before they really get out of hand.

All Healthy Home™ benefits apply PLUS:

  • Termite Monitors — Installation of electronic early detection termite monitors.
  • Targeted Treatment — Spot treatments for active termites eliminate the issue without the use of potentially dangerous broadcast treatments.
  • Quick Results — Due to the termite-specific properties of the products we use, results are immediate.
  • Annual Inspection — At no additional cost to you, we will inspect your home annually to make sure your home is still free from the wood-hungry pests. 
  • Guaranteed Services — We are confident in our services, which is why our pest and termite treatments are guaranteed.

Healthy Home Premiere™ pest, termite, & mosquito control

Tired of mosquitoes and know your home needs protection from termites and other nuisance pests? Chapel Hill Pest Company is here to help with Healthy Home Premiere™. Our full coverage service not only protects you from both indoor and outdoor pests, but it also saves you money! With Healthy Home Premiere™, you can now get the most of your home and yard. 
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