Chapel Hill Mosquito Control

Our goal is to make your yard a place to enjoy, not fear. Chapel Hill Pest Control’s SafeLawn preventive service eliminates tick, flea, mosquito and fire ant problems before they can threaten the health of your Chapel Hill family.

SafeLawn Outdoor Chapel Hill Pest Control Includes:

  • Immediate Protection — Our SafeLawn service not only eliminates the current pest problem, but also prevents future infestations by creating a completely eco-safe barrier around the perimeter of your property. Mosquito breeding occurs overnight, so population control is no waiting matter. Our technicians are happy to point out and eliminate standing water sources and other potential ecosystems that might look favorable to these unwanted party guests. 
  • Targeted Treatment — Rather than drenching your yard with harmful chemicals, our treatments target the source in the least invasive way possible. Your whole family, even the four-legged members, will be safe to enjoy your lush backyard.
  • Guaranteed Services — We fully guarantee all of our services for 100% effectiveness. If, in the rare occurrence, pests return after our treatment, Chapel Hill mosquito control technicians will return (at no additional charge) to eliminate the problem from your property.

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